Dokkaebis are away until 9/21 to pour beer at LA Beerfestival :) We’ll start shipping beer on 9/22. Please wait patiently until we are back! Free shipping on increments of 24 cans of beer (2 variety pack or 6 x 4 packs)!

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We start with the finest, exotic ingredients for flavors you've never
tasted in a craft beer — and that's just the beginning.
Lemongrass. Bamboo leaves. Korean berries. Galangal — once you try it, you’ll know how incredible these flavors taste. Brewed with choice ingredients for unique, Asian-inspired flavors and selections, you won’t find anything like it.

Crisp with perfect balance, lovely notes, and a smooth finish, each beer is crafted by our head brewer with +10 years of expertise at the West Coast’s best breweries.
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homepage info picture 1
We Pour Great Care Into Our Beer

For unbeatable freshness, we only brew limited batches sold on demand and keep our beers refrigerated for as long as possible so you can enjoy its refreshing taste to the fullest.

Unlike mass-produced beers, ours is unfiltered and unpasteurized for more complex, flavorful notes that evolve over time. You’ll see why we have countless 5-star reviews and are growing across grocery stores once you try our beers.

We always rotate our (limited) batches so don’t miss out!