Our Story

We take our name from dokkaebi (도깨비), the mysterious, shape-shifting creatures found throughout Korean folklore. Often described as playful and mischievous spirits, dokkaebi possess the ability to change their physical appearance at will and create things out of thin air.

They also strongly desire to be in the company of humans—and we’re pretty sure there’s one hanging out around us.

When the sun is out, our dokkaebi hides, moving unseen among the rows of taps and stacks of dishes. Sometimes, he’ll take it upon himself to fine-tune our beer recipes, adding this or that ingredient to the various tanks.

At night, with the buzz of clinking glasses and friends communing, he comes into view—kind of. Was he the one who served you your last pint? The one in the back, dabbing gochujang into a steaming pan of tteokbokki? Or maybe he was the one standing behind you in line?

While we don’t really know where—or who—our dokkaebi is, one thing we’re absolutely certain of is that he wants you to feel satisfaction with every sip.