One of the reasons why we love the craft beer scene is that people are always up for trying something new. It’s an industry that’s built off the back of innovative brewers and tasteful consumers.

And that’s why we started Dokkaebier.

Experimental Brews

We've dedicated a lineup of beers to limited batch runs — our experimental brews. The cans are kept a clean white, so we can focus on the inventive ingredient combinations. It’s basically a carte blanche to be creative with flavors.

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Core Brews

Once an experimental flavor finds its audience, it becomes an addition to our core brew lineup. Core brews are experiment successes that are relaunched with a refined recipe and freshly designed can (this time in full color) for availability year-round!

If you fall in love with one of our experimental brews, make sure to let your voice be heard. The more support a beer gets, the more likely it is to join the core brews.

Fun Fact

Our dokkaebis are continuously upgrading the experimental labels to incorporate your feedback.
Why? To find the perfect way to visually show what’s in each can.
You can check the evolution in our Beer Archive