There's nothing like a delicious refreshing beer.
From wonderful hoppy notes to delightful aromatics and crisp finish, there’s something about an awesome brew that hits the spot. Whether you’re an expert or new to craft beer, you want to try new beers that treat your taste buds with a wide range of flavors for every palate. But since many craft beers are more of the same, how do you find something innovative? Outside the box? With rare flavors from across the globe right to your fridge with peak freshness?

At Dokkaebier, we’re committed to doing just that.

With recipes from our head brewer with over a decade of experience at some of California’s finest breweries, Dokkaebiers committed to delivering tasty beers with unique ingredients for wonderful, complex notes and aromatics you can’t find in any other Asian beer. Whether you’re pairing it with a tasty meal or enjoying it after a hard-earned day, Dokkaebier will be sure to bring a smile to your lips. We’re also committed to delivering fresh beers to your door so we only produce in special, limited batches. Once each batch is finished, it won’t return for a while so don’t miss out!
"You could drink your way through all the breweries in the Bay Area, and still the chances you'd taste a beer like... Dokkaebier are nil."
- SF Gate
Called A Craft Brewery “That Will Change The Bay Area’s Beer Scene” By SF Gate
Since launching in February 2020 by our founder Youngwon Lee—with +12 years of global experience working with alcohols—we’ve grown rapidly. Starting with a pop-up taproom on Nob Hill that teamed up with Chef Danny Wright—former chef at the Michelin-starred Saison in San Francisco—we offered our one-of-a-kind beers with mouthwatering bites and quickly created a buzz with packed tables, media features, and waves of 5-star Yelp reviews.

Then, COVID-19 hit.

Overnight, everything stopped; but the desire for Dokkaebier continued. So even with the pandemic closing our in-person venues, we’ve already grown to 25 stores (and counting) across NorCal and shifted to home deliveries. Now, we’re continuing to expand as we widen our delivery reach and move into more stores.

But even with everything changing, we stay true to our principles and mission. All of which started from an ancient mythical creature…
Dokkaebier: Pronounced “DOH-kay-beer”
Our name comes from “Dokkaebi” (도깨비), a fun and happy Korean mythical creature that loves to eat, drink, and play with humans.

We chose it because that’s the exact energy we want to bring to our customers. With Dokkaebier, we strive to refresh the soul, inspire friendship, and delight people in countless ways—that’s why our mission is simple:

“We fill glasses and bellies to lift up spirits.”

And like the cheerful Dokkaebis who are known to suddenly appear and be ever-changing, we want to constantly innovate and experiment to bring you the best flavors in tasty brews.

When you’re relaxing after a busy day or bringing people together, let Dokkaebier be a companion to those wonderful experiences.
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Our Team
Youngwon has over 12 year of experience in the food & beverage industry with brands like Stolichinaya, Patron, Armand de Brignac, and more. He was the Head of U.S. Operations for The Booth Brewing Company and spearhead the brand’s expansion into the American market. After moving to Oakland, he created Dokkaebier.
Graduating from the Brewing Program at UC Davis, he mastered his craft at some of California’s most prestigious breweries like Russian River, Lost Coast, and Sunset Reservoir. He creates his own recipes and pushes the envelope with unique flavors and ingredients at Dokkaebier.
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