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#10. 1.5X IPA with Peach & Pomegranate
1.5X IPA is a craft beer made by Dokkaebier. It is a 1.5X Indian pale ale IPA made with peach and pomegranate.

#10. 1.5X IPA with Peach & Pomegranate

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ABV: 7.3%
Batch No: 10

16 oz. can x 4

There are so many great choices on the shelf these days. Find yourself a beer that can do it all! Ripe peach notes lead to piney dankness, anchored by a West Coast IPA bitterness, featuring a dark berry finish and a complete and utter lack of lactose. The 1.5x covers all its bases, and without fitting in any one box, it still resembles the beers we all loved 10 years ago. Go back to the future with this genre-defying ale!

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