Dokkaebier's First Documentary Feature!

The journey of our founder and Chief Dokkaebi, Youngwon Lee, has been featured by prominent Korean streaming service, OnDemandKorea.

“Against the Odds - The inside stories of Korean American startup CEO”, covers the experiences of trailblazing Korean American entrepreneurs who are chasing dreams of finding success through starting their own businesses in America.


For a week in May, ODK followed Youngwon through his daily grind of routines, through the office, breweries, taprooms, restaurants, supermarkets, capturing what it truly takes to make Dokkaebier what it is today. We are proud to share Youngwon’s story with the world and would love for you all to see Dokkaebier’s story continue to unfold! Available now on Youtube with English subtitles.

Behind the scenes stills below:

Youngwon at Cask taproom


Youngwon with Manager of Cask Taproom Andy Way


Youngwon with Luis of Del Cielo Brewery


Youngwon at Del Cielo

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