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Minari Witbier
Minari Witbier is a craft beer made by Dokkaebier. It is a cloudy white beer made with water celery Minari seed and lemon and lime peel.

Minari Witbier

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ABV: 6.0%
Released on: 2021/04/20

16 oz. can x 4

Starting with the earthy minari seed itself; bitter, resilient, and persevering in its character. When minari meets with the citrus of lemon and lime, a dynamic pairing is created, building on the humble foundation and elevating to a bright, sweet and uplifting taste.

Every can of our Minari Witbier represents your direct contribution to the following non-profit organizations: KACF-SF and Korean American Story. Click here to learn more.

Special thanks to Inah Lee for working behind the scenes and Director Lee Isaac Chung and Yellow Brick Bridge LLC for supporting / allowing us to create this beer in homage to “Minari”

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FFred4 month ago
Q: How many cans for $16??
DDokkaebier4 month ago
A: There are four 16oz cans.