April 19th, 2021

It all starts with a seed, an idea, a starting point, the beginning of something great.

For us and for many Asian immigrants, that seed was a dream, a dream of prosperity in a place far from home. Our beer is dedicated to those who took that chance, willing to not only endure, but to transform the bitter realities of life to achieve a brighter future. We invite you to experience our newest inspired creation, from our hands to yours.

Minari Witbier is a craft beer made by Dokkaebier. It is a cloudy white beer made with water celery Minari seed and lemon and lime peel.

Tasting Notes:

Starting with the earthy minari seed itself; bitter, resilient and persevering in its character. When the minari flavor meets with the citrus of lemon and lime peel, a dynamic pairing is created, building on the humble foundation and elevating to a bright, sweet and up-lifting taste.

Support our Korean community with your purchase

Every can of our Minari Witbier also represents your direct contribution to the following non profit organizations.

Korean American Community Foundation is an organization dedicated to building a vibrant, healthy and empowered Korean American community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their invaluable contributions are realized through philanthropic endeavors, volunteerism and grantmaking.

Korean American Story are a team of dedicated and esteemed individuals who are committed to capturing, creating, preserving and sharing the Korean American experience through their unyielding support of storytellers across all artistic mediums.

Special thanks to Inah Lee for working behind the scenes and Lee Isaac Chung and Yellow Brick Bridge LLC for supporting & allowing us to create our beer in homage to the movie “Minari”

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