April 16th, 2021

Enough is Enough


The rising occurrences of countless hate crimes against members of our AAPI community has left us, quite frankly, traumatized. With many more each day who are speaking up about past incidents that extend much further back, we are reminded that these atrocious acts of both physical and psychological violence have been affecting our community for a very long time. As a brand that is built on bringing different cultures together, it is truly heartbreaking to hear of all these saddening incidents and painful stories. We have shared posts to raise awareness on social media, but we felt that it was insufficient and we could truly do more to help those in need directly.

April 17th, 2021

Day of Action

To start, for all sales made between 4/17-18 we will be donating 20% of our revenue to support Compassion In Oakland. Compassion is an Oakland based non profit organization whose mission is to promote safety within the Oakland Chinatown community. With the help of gracious volunteers, they are able to offer chaperone services to those who are underserved, vulnerable and often forgotten within our AAPI community. We believe strongly in the immediate impact that their mission will make and believe it can be a model for others to follow.

We will be working with other organizations for additional ways to show our support. Please stay tuned, as we will continue to provide updates. Dokkaebier is committed to bringing people together and lifting up spirits. We will continue to stay true to this through this challenging time.

Dokkaebier will be at Tiger’s Taproom in Jack London Square, Oakland this coming Saturday (4/17). We will be there to participate in a Day of Action organized by Almanac Beer Co. Tiger’s Taproom will be making donations that will go to East Bay Local Development Corporation. You can also donate directly to their cause. Our founder and Chief Dokkaebi Youngwon Lee will be there briefly to enjoy some of Dokkaebier’s latest brews with you all. Come swing by!

Our Story Continues...

During this time in our community’s history, we feel that it is as important as ever to share our stories to raise awareness and more importantly, understanding of our experiences. We will continue telling the story of our journey and would love for you all to watch and share with each other.

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