Last Update - November 30, 2022

Youngwon's interview with DeliveryRank

Youngwon recently spoke with DeliveryRank about Dokkaebier and what makes it special. 

Find out how Youngwon came up with the idea of Dokakebier, how we came up with our beer flavors , and Youngwon’s entrepreneurial journey of founding the leading Asian-inspired craft beer company. Check out the interview! 

Here are a few notable excerpts from Youngwon’s conversation with DeliveryRank:

How did you come up with the idea for Dokkaebier?

I’ve been involved in the alcohol industry for 14 years. Back in South Korea, I ran an import distribution company representing many international alcohol brands. My main goal was to launch them in South Korea. 

Things took a turn five years ago when an opportunity to live in the U.S. arose. I started running a brewery in northern California. Three years ago, I started Dokkaebier, an Asian-inspired craft brewery based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Which flavors are the most popular among your customers?

Kimchi Sour, Bamboo Pilsner and Yuza Blonde are the most popular Dokkaebier craft beers. They have also won national and international awards. Kimchi Sour won a Gold Medal at the 2021 Annual Brewski Awards.

Do your ingredients need some sort of approval?

We are craft beer fans, and we want to get feedback from craft beer fans right away. We organize many tastings and make sure to have them test our experimental brews. 

We analyze reactions, feedback and customer suggestions. The approval of our community helps us understand whether the new creation is a good bet.

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