We don’t just make craft beer at Dokkaebier; we’re also craft beer fans down to our core. This is why we dedicate so much time to making craft beer more diverse and inclusive. We believe craft beer shouldn’t be just for beer snobs.

It's why we’re especially proud to share that Dokkaebier has won big at the 2022 Annual Brewski Awards!

The Brewski Awards is an international beer competition that recognizes brands with extraordinary quality and integrity, and we’re honored to be among the best of more than 600 beer brands worldwide.


The Best Craft Beer: Dokkaebier at the 2022 Annual Brewski Awards

Dokkaebier has some of the best craft beer, according to the 2022 Annual Brewski Awards. Craft beers were ranked by aroma, appearance, flavor and mouthfeel to identify the best of the best.



We started Dokkaebier because there aren’t many Asian American founders or brewers in craft beer. Because of the lack of representation in the industry, there are very few, if any, craft beers with Asian ingredients or tastes.

Dokkaebier dedicates a lineup of beers to limited edition batch runs, which we call “experimental beers,” made with inventive ingredient combinations like peach and pomegranate, Assam tea, Korean dalgona sugar candy and more.

And because we’re craft beer fans, we eagerly await real-time feedback from other craft beer fans to determine which beers we’ll make available year-round.

We’re flattered that our Rice Kolsch experimental brew has won an international award—a gold medal!—in less than six months since its launch.


About Dokkaebier’s award-winning craft beer

Dokkaebier Milk Stout has the complexity of a well-roasted, single-origin coffee. The stout is spicy from peppercorn and has citrus and herbal notes from cardamom. As you might expect, there is a softness, which adds to the palatability of the brew, which only lactose can bring in a milk stout.

Dokkaebier Kimchi Sour is an entirely new experience for craft beer fans. Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine, and it was only a matter of time before we found a way to incorporate it into craft beer! The kettle sour is made with the head brewer’s own personal kimchi culture and has refreshingly tart beginnings of ginger. The sour has the bold aromatic and spicy finish of gochugaru or Korean sun-dried chili peppers.

Dokkaebier Yuza Blonde is a very drinkable blonde ale brewed with one of Asia’s most popular fruits, yuza, also known as yuzu. The citrus gives the beer a crisp aroma and flavor, and the taste is light, refreshing, sweet and bracing.

Dokkaebier Rice Kolsch is a malty, traditional Kolsch with a slightly sweet flavor and a bright citrus character. Rice adds a nutty and light toasted taste, which becomes very prominent in the back and creates a soft mouthfeel for a pleasant, balanced experience. The rice flavors shine through from start to finish, making Rice Kolsch an easy-to-drink beer.

Dokkaebier Bamboo Pilsner is a clean and crisp European-style lager. Made with bamboo tea and American noble hops, the craft beer has almond and honey sweetness, which make for a refreshing, easy-drinking beer.

Dokkaebier OG Witbier is a playful mixture of the omija five-flavor berry and the Korean sun-dried chili peppers called gochugaru. The peppers give a little spice and punchiness, contributing to a more dynamic flavor with every sip. The witbier is light, refreshing and easy to drink.

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